Expansion joints

About expansion joints

Expansion joints – the device resistant to cyclic deformations within various types of set values, for use in any process piping systems. Expansion joints are hermetic devices. They are able to work in harsh temperature conditions and perceived high work pressure, as well as to work in a vacuum. By using the appropriate material provides resistance to aggressive environments.

Expansion joints consist of one or more bellows and restrictive, connective and protective fittings.

СильфонBellows  - Monolayer or multilayer elastic corrugated sheath for separating environments preserving strength, axial stability and tightness with the calculated cyclic axial, lateral, bending stresses, and combinations under the influence of internal and / or external pressure, temperature and mechanical forces. Bellows, as component design experiences the following strains: axial (compression and tension on the bellows axis), transverse (shear bellows axis) angle (change in direction of the axis of the bellows), and combinations thereof.

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Limiting load on the bellows and compensator equipping different connecting and safety fittings, expansion joints get the required structures, for example: Corner, hinge and the cardan.


Applications of expansion joints:

  • Applications of expansion joints:
  • Heating systems of multi-storey buildings;
  • The energy complex;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Automobile manufacturing and motor industry;
  • Thermal networks and heat pipeline;
  • Gas supply;
  • Military-industrial and aerospace complex;
  • Atomic industry.

Expansion joints can be used to:

  • compensation of thermal expansion in order to prevent the destruction of the pipe when the deforming stress;
  • misalignment compensation in pipe systems during installation;
  • vibration absorption;
  • sealing pipes and connecting pipes of various types;
  • aspiration and exhaust gas fuel systems (as exhausters from automotive diesel fuel to the system of vessels with a large diameter of the bellows).

Expansion joints have small dimensions, can be installed in any method of laying a pipeline, more often than not require the construction of expensive special cameras and maintenance throughout the life cycle. Their term of service, as a rule, corresponds to the service life of pipelines. The use of expansion joints provides reliable and effective protection of pipelines from the static and cyclic loadings arising at deformations, vibrations and hydroblows, reduces the cost of operation of pipelines and economically.

Benefits of expansion joints:


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  • small geometric dimensions;
  • the ability to install in tight spaces;
  • low stiffness in compression, thereby reducing the load on the stationary support;
  • significantly lower costs and installation time;
  • low hydraulic resistance.


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  • no problem getting wet insulation due to leaks;
  • much cheaper to maintain.


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  • providing significantly greater axial movement;
  • more durable;
  • expansion bellows can develop and produce for specific tasks.

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