Installation instructions bellows

  1. Between the two fixed supports may be installed no more than one (1) of the expansion joint.
  2. Fixed and floating supports should be installed as shown in the figure below:
  3. The axis of the pipeline section, which is installed expansion joint and the expansion joint’s axis must match.
  4. Surfaces joined flanges should be strictly perpendicular to the pipeline axis.
  5. Do not allow appearance of twisting loads.
  6. When mounting is necessary to consider the possible damage to the working surface of expansion joints from different closely spaced components and tools. Perform installation of avoiding the possibility of such damages:
  7. The direction of movement of environment in the pipeline must correspond to the position in which is installed inside the protective insert (protective glass), if it is equipped with a expansion joint.
  8. Pre-stressed expansion joints must have mounting spokes. After the expansion joint mounting before starting the spokes should be removed.
  9. Before commissioning tests to check the pressure of the load on the pipeline fixed supports