Metal hoses


Hoses  – a flexible connecting elements of pipeline, which ensuring absolute leaktightness and intended for transporting liquids and gases under pressure and under vacuum in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Goffered metal hoses produced 1-3 braided layer or without it. Braid is a reinforcing element, allowing it to operate at high pressure. Hoses have different connection fittings (fittings). Fittings Type negotiated or made by the customer's technical documentation. The material of the corrugated hose and wire braiding - corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant / heat resistant steels and alloys. Material fittings selected depending on the purpose - temperature and corrosion resistance requirements.

Flexibility of hose provides by the basic design element - the bellows part, manufactured from high-alloy corrosion-resistant steel. The metal braid hoses serves as a reinforcing element of the design, allowing them to operate at higher pressures.

Due to the high reliability and long service life, the scope of the metal hoses is very broad:

  • aviation, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding;
  • aviation, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding;
  • metallurgy;
  • cryogenic and heating equipment;
  • cryogenic and heating equipment;

Their use is often called upon to solve some of the following tasks:

  • transport of liquids and gases under low temperature and high pressure, including ultra-high;
  • absorption of vibrations from the working equipment;
  • providing resistance to operating conditions with aggressive environments;
  • elimination of inaccuracies in the installation of equipment;
  • providing a pipeline connection with mobile equipment.

The main working properties of a metal hose are provided by:

  • profile of corrugated parts, the wall thickness of the material, height and step of the * corrugations, the number of corrugations per unit length;
  • the number of braids that act as reinforcing element;
  • used material for the manufacture of corrugated part, on which depends the resistance to conductivity of the medium and the operating conditions in terms of chemical, mechanical and thermal impacts.

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