Types of fittings

The metal hoses are fitted with the following types of fastening hardware (fittings)

F1 - Connection of welded steel pipes.
F2 - Threaded connection on the outside of the conical thread.
F3 - Threaded connection to the outer cylindrical thread.
F4 - Pipe end with an external thread.
F5 - The end of the pipe with an internal thread.
F6 - The connection to the union nut with a conical seal.
F7 - Connection with union nut with a truncated hemisphere.
F8 - Connection with union nut and flat seal.
F9 - Connection with steel flat weld flange.
F10 - Connection with steel flange weld butt.
F11 - Loose flange on the welded ring.
F12 - Fittings for drawing of the customer.